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We provide specialist advice to businesses in addressing their company culture, development of mental health strategy and employee engagement/wellbeing initiatives

High Resolution

Our Business Model

At High Resolution, the wellbeing of people is not only our focus, it's our passion. High Resolution, by definition means to provide extreme clarity. Through our lens, we see a clear connection between business performance and culture, engagement, mental health & wellbeing.

We recognise that business outcomes can be greatly enhanced by addressing the mental health and wellbeing of employees as individuals, as well as the culture of the organisation. The ability to provide a suitable backdrop for employees, starts with an investment in a preventative 'continuous improvement' strategy, rather than a reactive approach.

We employ the best methodology and practices to ensure our services are effective, measurable and practical, whilst being outcome driven and bespoke to each client's needs. We can support all businesses through an integrated service offering targeted at meeting statutory legal requirements for workplace mental health, compliance with ISO standards, ESG requirements and psychological health and safety objectives.

High Resolution’s vision is for every employer to create a positive workplace; one which prioritises the wellbeing of their employees, with a specific focus on mental health and culture



Act With Deliberate Intent



Authenticity, Loyalty,



Innovative, Relevant,

We not only want to focus on mental health and culture in the workplace, we want to develop a picture that is extremely clear; one that is in High Resolution

About Us


Melanie Edwards

Melanie holds a Bachelor of Social Work degree, completed with honours, a path which stemmed from a passion to make positive change. In the past 15 years Melanie has worked in many diverse roles, but it was her 6 years spent working offshore (FIFO) in the oil and gas sector that truly shone a light on the gap in proactive mental health support that redirected Melanie's professional journey. Since then, Melanie has influenced a shift in mental health response and culture in corporate and project environments. She has been a keynote speaker in several O&G safety forums discussing her innovative approach in addressing mental health within the industry and has been professionally recognised for her work developing an award-winning FIFO mental health and wellbeing program. With a boundless zeal for enriching the experiences of people within the workplace, Melanie hopes to continue the mental health conversation with you and your team.
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Steve McMahon

Steve's passion for workplace mental health and wellbeing is derived from real-life working operational experience, with over 15 years in corporate Human Resources & Employee Relations and most recently as the Australian Human Resources Manager for a large multinational organisation. Steve is a highly skilled leader, his experience creates the perfect foundation to guide managers, leaders and business owners to create positive, resilient and productive workplaces. First-hand exposure within senior leadership teams provided the opportunity to identify and address the pressures and stresses on leaders, noting that mental health does not discriminate, irrespective of the seniority of an individual within an organisation. Leaning on his professional and life experiences Steve provides insight and understanding of the challenges associated with leading people through change, building high-performing teams and workplace accountability.




  • ORGANISATIONAL CULTURE ASSESSMENTS A panoramic review of the company culture landscape

  • COMPANY CULTURE ROADMAP An implementation strategy to develop, sharpen and recreate a new company portrait (desired culture)

Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

  • WORKPLACE WELLBEING DESIGN Optimisation of employee benefits and engagement strategy implementation through the development of service provider partnerships

  • SUCCESSION & TALENT FRAMEWORK Identification and development of strategic leaders through our 'Talent Snapshot’


Mental Health

  • MENTAL HEALTH FIRST AID ACCREDITATION Delivery of accredited mental health first aid (MHFA) training for individuals or groups of various sizes

  • MENTAL HEALTH MANAGEMENT PLANS Support in establishing a mental health management plan for internal company benefit as well as meeting client requirements and ISO 45003 compliance

  • MENTAL HEALTH & WELLBEING INITIATIVES Bespoke design of mental health or holistic wellbeing programs to suit the target audience and needs of the organisation


Team Alignment

  • TEAM PROFILING Personality profiling of individual team members to support the cohesion and efficiency of any working team

  • TEAM ALIGNMENT FACILITATION Bringing together members of a team to establish an aligned identity, culture and methodology



As Chair of We All Value Equality (WAVE), I was delighted to have Mel and Steve from High Resolution join our panel event discussing Mental Safety in the New Normal. As leading subject matter experts in workplace Mental Health Strategy and Training, Mel & Steve provided a wealth of knowledge and information, as well as sharing personal insights that resonated with our audience. The panel discussion was organic, genuine and leant into vulnerability and this was clearly demonstrated by our panel members who shared insightful and practical advice to attendees. We received such overwhelmingly positive feedback from the first discussion that we have already scheduled a follow up event with the same panelists to delve further into mental safety, particularly in the resource sector. This highlights the success of the event and the capability of our selected panelists.



We engaged High Resolution in response to some mental health issues that had surfaced in our workforce. It was critical that we responded to these issues quickly, sensitively and in a way that equipped our leadership but also supported our wider regional employee base. We were impressed with the content and sessions that Mel and Steve facilitated, the empathy and deep domain knowledge they held relevant to the energy industry, and their responsiveness to the requirements of our business.



Steve and Mel provided a professional experience from registration to certification. The facilitation of our training used both presenters. This allowed for an effective mix of engagement with trainees, along with the diversity of their shared experience and knowledge. Both presenters communicated their passion for mental health education, combined with a sensitivity to participants, as they addressed what at times, is challenging course content. I would recommend High Resolution for your mental health training needs.



Steve and Mel do more than ‘talk the talk’, they are two people who have truly ‘walked the walk’ and understand what it is like to address real-time issues in a corporate setting. Both have been members of a corporate office environment themselves which was really refreshing when talking about our company model and issues as they were able to understand my concerns and needs. Their biggest asset though is that they have a real way of relating to people at all levels of management and the workforce. Their enthusiasm for what they do for work is felt by all who meet with them, and their delivery style is not only relatable but also easy-going and able to be transferred onto varying members of the workforce. When discussing what we wanted, they took onboard exactly what was required and directed all their strategy toward meeting our objectives (not their own). With a variety of services on offer, High Resolution will be our first port of call for future ‘people’ services in the business.



I recently gained accreditation as a Mental Health First Aider having completed a two day course offered by High Resolution. The training was exceptional. Mel and Steve, two highly competent instructors, taught us to recognise Mental Health issues in community and workplace, developing a practical action plan along the way. I came away from this course feeling completely confident to help with mental health first aid where and when required.



Such an amazing experience throughout the MHFA in the workplace course. The content and delivery was highly engaging and I really felt encouraged to share my thoughts and interpretation of what was being taught. Mel and Steve are both obviously immensely passionate about mental health as a whole and that shone through in how you delivered the course. The training took place in a safe environment and you were always aware of the impacts the course may have had on our wellbeing throughout. I feel like I have walked away from the course with a wealth of knowledge and am now confident that I can go back to my workplace and support other members of the company through the difficult discussions around mental health.



Mel and Steve are incredibly passionate, engaging and motivated people. Their experience working in both FIFO and corporate environments is evident by the way they can tailor their communication to their audience. They are understanding and respectful of the issues and concerns both employees and leaders face when working in a high stress, fast paced project environments. They provide real life examples and practical tools to take away and implement in day to day work. I would highly recommend them to any organisation.



I would highly recommend doing a SMHFA course with Steve McMahon and Mel Edwards. I was lucky enough to attend the course last month and found it really engaging and learnt tools that I've already found useful in both my professional and personal life. I believe as we work toward reducing the stigma around seeking help for mental health issues it's just as important to know how to help.



Found the Mental Health First Aid course really informative, interesting and engaging. The content was super relevant and the process was easy to navigate through. Steve & Mel are clear presenters and the course is time managed perfectly to maximise engagement and results. Would highly recommend.



Recently I had the opportunity to do this course through MHFA Australia. In today's day and age, I believe it is more relevant than ever to bring awareness and understanding to the area of Mental Health. As someone that advocates that people are an organisation's biggest asset, I recommend it to anyone who not only has been affected but also to those who are perhaps not aware that they or someone close to them may have been affected as we all play a part in supporting each other. Thank you to Melanie and Steve from High Resolution Australia Pty. Ltd. for facilitating my course development and thank you both for your support.



What an amazing course! I was surprised to learn how big the societal problem is and how little is being done regarding mental health.
Massive shout out to Mel and Steve for their delivery and expertise. I highly encourage all my colleagues to complete training in mental health. I wished I had done it years ago.



I just wanted to thank you both again. You are both incredible facilitators and created a really safe space for us to learn about such a typically "uncomfortable" topic. I'm so grateful there are amazing people like you flying the flag for mental health. 



I completed a Mental Health First Aid course facilitated by High Resolution. If anyone is interested in finding a provider for Mental Health First Aid training I highly recommend High Resolution. Mel and Steve did a superb job at keeping the class entertained and focused while imparting a large amount of really useful knowledge.



The Mental Health First Aid course was professionally run and both Mel and Steve were very knowledgeable and allowed for a great learning environment. I learned a lot of practical tools that I can use in everyday life and within my workplace. 



Very excited to complete my Mental Health Workplace course this week with Mel & Steve from High Resolution Australia Pty. Ltd. Some huge learnings, insights and takeaways for me, now it's time to put some support in place for our team and loved ones!


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